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Robert Green op-ed in Embassy Magazine

Retired Royal Navy Commander Robert Green explains his views on nuclear deterrence in an article in the February 23rd, 2011 issue of Embassy Magazine (reprinted in full at Defence Watch): Nuclear deterrence has not prevented non-nuclear states from attacking allies of nuclear weapon states. Examples include China entering the Korean War when the US had […]

Former nuclear weapons officer rejects nuclear deterrence

Update: Due to the earthquake in New Zealand, Robert Green has had to return to his home in Christchurch. His presentation will be in video format. Alyn Ware, a colleague of Mr. Green, will be accompanying the Hon. Douglas Roche, a 2011 Nobel Peace Prize Nominee, at the event. For Alyn’s biography: http://www.msvu.ca/en/home/aboutus/PeaceConference/Keynote_speakers/Alyn_Ware.aspx Retired Royal Navy Commander Robert Green is […]