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Rights groups call for torture inquiry

Two human rights groups are calling for a public inquiry into Canada’s handling of Afghan detainees following a UN report on the torture of prisoners in Afghan government custody (Robert Hiltz, “Rights groups call for Afghan-detainee inquiry after UN report,” Postmedia News, 11 October 2011): Amnesty International and the BC Civil Liberties Association released a […]

Layton, Harris criticize timing of document dump

Opposition leader Jack Layton has accused the Harper government of taking a “very cynical” approach in its release of documents on the Afghan detainee file. The release of 4000 pages worth of documents came just as MPs are gearing down for summer recess. “[The Government] chose a date that will prevent parliamentarians from asking questions […]

Anti-prorogation group should not be ignored: study

A study released today by the Rideau Institute finds that Facebook has been adopted by older, politically engaged voters to express frustration over the government’s decision to prorogue Parliament. A survey conducted by online public engagement strategist Pierre Killeen suggests that a majority of the more than 200,000 Canadian Facebook users who joined an anti-prorogation […]