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Leger & Dorn: Re-engage in peacekeeping

Canada’s role on the international stage is in urgent need of clear direction. Dominic Leger and Walter Dorn argue that the time has come for Canada to re-engage in UN peacekeeping (Dominic Leger & Walter Dorn, “It’s time to keep the peace again,” National Post, 3 June 2011): Peacekeeping is a key tool in maintaining […]

Prof. Walter Dorn on CPAC

In February, Ceasefire.ca launched its campaign to make Canada a UN peacekeeper again. To kick off the campaign, we co-hosted Prof. Walter Dorn in conversation with the Globe and Mail’s Gloria Galloway in Ottawa.  CPAC – PUBLIC RECORD On February 11th, in Ottawa, Walter Dorn (Canadian Forces College) and The Globe and Mail’s Gloria Galloway […]

Give peacekeeping a chance?

Dr. Walter Dorn, Associate Professor of Defence Studies at the Royal Military College of Canada and the Canadian Forces College, suggests in a new op-ed article that a UN peacekeeping force is the best hope for building a more peaceful Afghanistan: There is already a small UN “good-offices” mission, called the UN Assistance Mission in […]