Tories accuse constituents of believing "Taliban terrorists" over Harper government

In a letter to a supporter this week, Conservative Member of Parliament Dick Harris shot back from his Blackberry saying, “I am confused why you are taking as fact, the allegations coming from the Taliban terrorists themselves.”

Here is his email:

>From: “Harris, Richard – Personal”

>To: <[Ceasefire supporter’s email address – Steve]>

>CC: “Harris, Richard – Riding 1” <>

>Subject: Your email

>Date: Fri, 27 Apr 2007 11:41:19 -0400


>Thank you for your email. While I appreciate your taking the time to

>contact, I am confused why you are taking as fact, the allegations

>coming from the Taliban terrorists themselves.


> Last time I looked, these are the same people who are murdering

>women, children, and anyone else who is trying to rebulid a country

>that was destroyed by the murderous regime of the Taliban.


>If you choose to believe the Terrorists over your own government that

>is your choice, however I would suggest that your choice of news

>sources is sadly misplaced.

>Dick Harris Mp


>Sent from my BlackBerry Wireless Handheld

The Canadian Press’ Murray Brewster writes today that the new Tory strategy of denying the damning allegations was used by Public Safety Minister Stockwell Day in the House of Commons yesterday, “Day accused the opposition again Friday of believing “false allegations” of torture made by insurgents.”

The government strategy is a page torn from the Bush administration’s “you’re with us or your with the terrorists” playbook. Brewster writes, “Day and other Conservatives again tried to deflect criticism by accusing opposition MPs of attacking the integrity of Canadian troops — even though the abuse allegations are not directed at soldiers.”

Rather than taking action and investigating the allegations, the Tories seem to be lashing themselves to the wheel of this sinking ship.


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