U.S. to press for Canada to keep troops in Afghanistan

Dear Ceasefire.ca supporter,

I was astonished to read this on the front page of the newspaper: “U.S. to press
for Canada to keep troops in Afghanistan.”

We can be certain that the retired generals and the defence contractors in the
pro-war lobby are cheering, because this will put pressure on Canada to keep
fighting the war even longer.

We need to act now, to tell Stephen Harper and Michael Ignatieff that we do
not want to extend the war, and want Canada to be a UN peacekeeper again.

Please send your letter to Prime Minister Harper, opposition leaders, and
your local MP, right away

We have also prepared a campaign kit for you, if you want to help spread the
word. After you have sent your letter, consider ordering your Peacekeeping
Campaign Kit, or visit our Ceasefire.ca Gear page directly

Thank you for everything you do for peace.

Steven Staples, Ceasefire.ca

P.S. Please make your donation to Ceasefire.ca’s campaign to end Canada’s
war in Afghanistan and make our country a UN Peacekeeper again. If you have
already made a gift recently, please accept our thanks.

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