Watch CTV’s W5 Documentary on the F-35 Today

Watch the W5 special on Harper's F-35 stealth fighter

Dear Supporter,

The cold nip in the Ottawa air and the spike in the number of suits on Sparks Street can only mean one thing: Parliament is back. As the politicians get ready for their bitter battles inside the House, we are kicking our campaign to stop Harper’s stealth fighters into high gear again.

It’s painfully clear that Harper is desperate to keep the details about the real costs of the F-35 under wraps. The Conservatives have already shut down an investigation into the Auditor General’s scathing report on the F-35s, and that was just in the first week of Parliament’s return.

We are confronting the defenders of this flawed and wasteful purchase at every step. We are calling out arms manufacturer Lockheed Martin, the defence lobby, and their friends in the media on their misleading statements about the F-35s. You can read about the cozy relationship between the Canadian Press and the Stealth Lobbyist over on our blog.

You can also watch an amazing documentary by CTV’s venerable W5 on the F-35, Air Rage, to catch up on the latest developments in the stealth fighter fiasco.

Your support has been incredibly important during our campaign to stop Harper’s stealth fighters. Thank you for your contributions.

In peace,

Steven Staples