Watch: Peggy Mason on conflict in Iraq and Canada’s response


Rideau Institute President Peggy Mason appeared on CTV News live on Monday, August 11th to discuss the conflict in Iraq.

“At the root of the terrible problems in Iraq right now are very serious political grievances. Extremist groups exploit local grievances to get support, and that’s what ISIL is doing.”

Mason explained that “Prime Minister Maliki… is at the heart of the political problems facing Iraq.”

Nouri al-Maliki’s political tenure has relied heavily on the support of two Shiite blocs, the Sadr and the Supreme Islamic Iraqi Council, at the expense of Sunni and Kurdish blocs.

“I’m very pleased that the Canadian government has welcomed this appointment of a new prime minister. Hopefully, it will lead to a unity government. But it’s been a long time coming,” Mason said.

“I mean, we’ve had a new embassy since April 2013, and we were silent at that time about the terrible repression.  In the name of fighting terrorism, Maliki was pursuing a sectarian agenda and we were silent about that. So I’m very happy that the Canadian government now is calling for political unity.”

Watch the full interview on CTV news.

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