Your help is needed! the pro-war lobby is targetting us

A Canadian battle tank in Afghanistan. Supporting the US-led War on Terror has undermined our peacekeeping reputation in the eyes of Afghanis and the world. (DND photo)

Dear supporter

Canadians have a great reputation as peacekeepers around the world, but that role is under attack.

And I am very concerned that combat operations instead of diplomatic leadership in Afghanistan are making us look like we have a George Bush view of the world.

Many Canadians are very worried that our Canadian peacekeeping reputation is being eroded.

More Canadian troops and tanks in Afghanistan.
Canadians do not support sending more troops with battle tanks to fight in Afghanistan. In yesterday’s budget, the government fast-tracked $175 million more for military spending this year to pay for the war and arms, so please join with me and the New Peace Lobby to end this military offensive.

The pro-war lobbyists
have Canada’s Peace Lobby in their sights.
I was shocked when I read this in Now Magazine last month:

“[Jack Granatstein] pushes an agenda that includes closer Canada/U.S. military cooperation and an abandonment of peacekeeping…He is working on a new lobby org, Canadians for Defence and Security, aimed specifically at countering peace advocates like [Steven] Staples.”

The pro-war lobby is angry and alarmed because we stopped missile defence, and recently we pushed the government to support a ban on cluster bombs. Now they will work hard to ensure that our voice does NOT get heard on Parliament Hill.

I need your help to stop the pro-war lobby from silencing us.

Thousands of Canadians are joining the New Peace Lobby. Canada can lead the world in peacekeeping. Join us today. Every donation helps the lobbying efforts for peace on Parliament Hill.

With your support we can:

  • Pressure all political parties to oppose the war in Afghanistan and seek a negotiated peace.

  • Continue our work to get critical peace issues
    into the media spotlight.

  • Conduct more hard-hitting research that
    the government can’t ignore.

  • Provide a national voice for thousands of Canadians who want to speak out in support of Canada’s traditional peacekeeping role.

Get Peace on the Agenda. Support the New Peace Lobby today.

Thank you,

Steven Staples

Founder of

P.S. The pro-war lobby wants to silence our voice for peace. Every donation of $35, $100, or even $200 will help your voice be heard.

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