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Oh What a Lovely War!

The Harper government and its amen chorus in the media seems intent on perpetuating the mythology of the Battle of Vimy Ridge (more properly, the battle for Arras) as the “birth of the Canadian nation”. The presence of the Queen and the last-minute concession allowing Oppostion members to attend the ceremonies may remove the partisan sting, but rest assured the […]

Head-to-head with Lockheed Martin

Last week our good friend Philip Coyle paid a visit to Ottawa to appear as a witness for the Commons Standing Committee on National Defence. Here is Philip Coyle’s testimony. Phil is a senior advisor to the Washington DC-based Centre for Defense Information, but his real claim to fame is the fact that he was the […]

"Raining on the ABM Parade"

As featured in the previous post, last week Canada was honoured by the visit of Dr. David Wright of the Union of Concerned Scientists, who spoke with members of Parliament about the dangers to space security posed by anti-satellite weapons. Dr. Wright is well-known as a co-author of the 2004 definitive technical analysis which showed that the anti-ballistic […]

Anti-Satellite Weapons, Space Debris, and Canada

Last week our campaign to promote space security received a boost from a visit to Ottawa by Cambridge-based Dr. David Wright of the Union of Concerned Scientists. We invited Dr. Wright to come to Canada and to speak to Members of Parliament about the growing international danger posed to space security by anti-satellite weapons. Dr. Wright wrote […]

The Hostage Crisis (The Remake)

Anyone reading a newspaper today would be forgiven for thinking that the world’s media were conspiring to create the ultimate April Fool’s joke. Another “hostage crisis” with Iran as the bad guy again, reprising 1979. But all the fuss isn’t really about fifteen British sailors. Western hostages have been held and frequently executed in hostile parts […]

Afghanistan: What wasn't on the CBC (part 2)

A March 26 article in the British paper The Telegraph says that “flushing out the Taliban and holding the terrain in the Pushtun heartland is proving immeasurably difficult for NATO. In Kandahar, the Canadian army has had to scale back its ambitious plans… to drive into the militant heartland… it proved too dangerous to run supplies […]