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Afghanistan debate largely ignored by media.

The debate today on Afghanistan seems have been largely ignored by the Ottawa press gallery. One can barely find a mention of it on the CTV and CBC websites, and the Globe and Mail on-line has decided that the NDP’s request for how much Harper pays his stylist deserves much greater prominence than the debate on […]

Afghanistan motion "a setback for Prime Minister Stephen Harper."

Parliament is set to debate a motion by the Liberals today saying that “Canada’s existing military deployment in Afghanistan will continue until February 2009, at which time Canadian combat operations in Southern Afghanistan will conclude; and call upon the government to notify NATO of this decision immediately.” The Liberal motion from Defence Critic Denis Coderre follows […]

NDP calls for Emergency Debate on Afghanistan

In light of the terrible events last week in Afghanistan that saw eight Canadians killed and the government spending more than a half billion dollars on Cold War-era tanks, I wrote to opposition party leaders uging them to bring in a motion to the House calling for a debate on this mission that is going […]