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NDP calls for Emergency Debate on Afghanistan

In light of the terrible events last week in Afghanistan that saw eight Canadians killed and the government spending more than a half billion dollars on Cold War-era tanks, I wrote to opposition party leaders uging them to bring in a motion to the House calling for a debate on this mission that is going […]

My letter to Opposition Party Leaders

In light of this week’s events, today I sent a letter to opposition party leaders appealing to them to raise the issue of the Afghanistan mission in Parliament when it resumes next week. Specifically, I am suggesting that the parties devote an opposition day motion to spur such a debate. It is my understanding that […]

A Sorrowful Prediction

As I write this, word that two more Canadian soldiers in Afghanistan have been killed by roadside bombs, and several badly injured. This brings to eight the number of Canadians killed by “IED’s” in less than a week. In February I predicted that insurgent IED’s would lead to many casualties, just as they have among American forces in Iraq. I also tried […]

The militarization of Canadian culture

By MURRAY DOBBIN It is stunning how quickly the Canadian military can be recast as a key part of Canadian culture, especially now that we have abandoned our historic peacekeeping role. With no public debate, we now have a war-fighting military taking up more and more political space in Canada’s constellation of defining institutions. The […]