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Your help is needed! the pro-war lobby is targetting us

A Canadian battle tank in Afghanistan. Supporting the US-led War on Terror has undermined our peacekeeping reputation in the eyes of Afghanis and the world. (DND photo) Dear supporter Canadians have a great reputation as peacekeepers around the world, but that role is under attack. And I am very concerned that combat operations instead of […]

The 2007 budget and military spending

Not many surprises in the budget today for military spending. While Finance Minister Jim Flaherty did not announce any new spending increases, the budget did include a shifting of $175 million from 2009-10 to be spent much sooner this year (2007-08). Here is what the today’s budget said about defence: Implementing the Canada First Defence Plan […]

The Space Security Index group meets in Montreal

As the war rages on in Iraq and Afghanistan, another disaster is unfolding slowly with almost no coverage in the media at all: the world is slowly sliding toward a new arms race – this time in space. One of the best tools available to us to monitor developments in space is called the Space Security […]

Afghanistan's Frozen Children

Almost without exception, the North American media have portrayed the NATO soldiers in Afghanistan as saviours, welcomed by the population, and grateful for their deliverance from the Taliban religious fanatics. But a recent article in the German newsmagazine Der Spiegel explodes this myth. It portrays a confused and deadly mêlée that pits trigger – happy NATO soldiers and pilots against […]

Success! supporters push the reluctant Harper Government to join discussions on cluster bomb treaty

March 6, 2007 Success! supporters push the reluctant Harper Government to join discussions on cluster bomb treaty Dear supporter, Three weeks ago, I wrote to let you and other supporters know that the government was reluctant to support an international ban on cluster bombs. Practically overnight, more than a thousand supporters responded […]

How the Left Should Frame Issues

Murray Dobbin Dear Ceasefire Insider subscriber Continuing with his series of articles for Insider, we are pleased to present another in-depth look at Canadian politics by journalist and writer Murray Dobbin. The following is an intriguing look at the strategic framing of political messages. All the best, Steven Staples How the Left Should Frame Issues By Murray Dobbin […]