Ceasefire.ca 2016 survey results

CF 2016 Survey suggested front picture

For the last 7 years on each New Year’s Day, we’ve invited you to help us plan for the coming year by taking an informal survey on Ceasefire.ca’s communications, your social media preferences, and your federal voting intentions. The invitation was delivered to contacts on January 1st by email, and promoted on Facebook and Twitter.

Here are the results of our latest survey:

  • The Ceasefire.ca community’s satisfaction level regarding the frequency of our communications remains very high. This is unchanged from previous years.
  • Social media preferences, too, remain mostly unchanged. Roughly half (48.8%) of members use Facebook, while the percentage of those using Twitter slightly declined in 2015 (from 17.4% to 16.2%).

  • Voting intentions among members showed significant change. Support for the New Democratic Party (NDP) dropped by 7 percentage points, while the Liberal Party’s support increased by nearly 9 points. While the NDP remains the most popular party among our community by far (41.5%), the Liberals (29.8%) replaced the Green Party (27.8%) as the second most popular party this year. This is a first since the Ceasefire.ca Community Survey started asking about voting intentions in 2011. Support for the Conservatives and the Bloc Quebecois, for its part, remained very low  0.06% and 0.03%, respectively.

  • Participation rates, however, declined significantly in 2016, with slightly fewer than 1,000 people taking the Survey. This represents a decline in participation of 39% compared to 2015, when over 1,300 individuals filled out the Survey.  We wonder why this happened!

As well as responding to the Survey, some participants included very useful, substantive comments. Click here to review them and to see the Ceasefire.ca replies.

Thank you for taking the time to fill out the Ceasefire.ca Community Survey. We very much appreciate your comments and suggestions. We hope that more of you can participate next year so that we continue to improve our work in order to meet your expectations and be an even stronger voice for peace, justice, and global security.

Onward in 2016!


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