Ceasefire.ca vs. Harper’s pro-war lobby on Parliament Hill this week

CDA's Cowen said CBC journalists "stick microphones under the noses of whatever slack-jawed gum-chewing vagrants they can find on the street" when asking the public about security issues.


Dear Ceasefire.ca supporter,

In three days I will be going up against Harper’s pro-war lobbyists at the Conference of Defence Associations in front of a committee of Members of Parliament.

I am writing my remarks right now – but I want to hear from you. What do you think I should say to the MPs?

Send me your ideas

The all-party Standing Committee on National Defence has asked me to appear for an hour on Thursday, February 9. But just before my appearance, the MPs will hear from the retired generals of the military-funded CDA.

You remember that the CDA is that pro-war group of old retired generals, funded by the military and with plenty of friends in the right-wing media.

Last year Sun TV slammed Ceasefire.ca for exposing the military-funded lobby group in a letter to our supporters.

But here is what the CDA is pushing for in the media:


What should Ceasefire.ca push for?


Steven Staples


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