"Crown jewel" of Canadian peacekeeping closing NS offices

The Pearson Peacekeeping Centre (PPC) has announced that it is shutting down its operations in Cornwallis, Nova Scotia (David Pugliese, “Cash-strapped peacekeeping centre closing Nova Scotia office,” Ottawa Citizen, 10 June 2011).

The organization is attempting to cut costs after having been advised in 2009 that its annual $4 million funding from the federal government would be cut by the spring of 2012. The PPC’s mandate is to support and to enhance Canada’s contribution to international security by providing quality peacekeeping research, education, and training.

Steven Staples, President of the Rideau Institute, cites partisanship as one of the reasons for the cuts: “The centre was named for a famous Liberal prime minister. Maybe if it was called the Diefenbaker Peacekeeping Centre its budget would have been tripled.” He also notes that the government of Stephen Harper has distanced itself from peacekeeping, preferring more “robust” activities such as the Afghanistan and Libya missions.

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