F-35 documentary on CPAC

F-35: The Politics of Procurement, a new documentary on the proposed F-35 purchase hosted by Scott Taylor, will air on CPAC on Thursday and Friday (it also aired on Wednesday).

Thursday, April 21st at 7 PM ET / 4 PM PT
Friday, April 22nd at 8 PM ET / 5 PM PT

Information from David Pugliese:

Those interviewed who provide a “pro-F-35” aspect of the debate include Conservative MP and former CF-18 fighter pilot Laurie Hawn, retired Gen. Paul Manson, the former CDS and former chairman of Lockheed Martin Canada, Tom Burbage, a senior Lockheed Martin official involved in the F-35 project, a F-35 Test Pilot and Liberal Senator Colin Kenny.

The other side of the debate includes interviews with Alan Williams (former ADM Materiel), NDP defence critic Jack Harris, Liberal defence critic Dominic LeBlanc, the Rideau Institute’s Steve Staples, analyst and former GAO specialist Winslow Wheeler as well as a Super Hornet test pilot.

Paul Beaver, former editor of Jane’s, is also interviewed. (I’m not sure what his views are on the aircraft but I know he did give an interview last summer with the BBC questioning the need for the plane).

Interviews were also requested with Defence Minister Peter MacKay, Department of National Defence F-35/new generation fighter project officials, and Chief of the Air Staff Lt.-Gen. Andre Deschamps. But DND officials, MacKay and Deschamps all declined to be interviewed.

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