Manson: Stop ranting!!!

Retired General Paul Manson, former Canadian Chief of Defence Staff and (in his stealth mode) former Chairman of Lockheed Martin Canada, has slammed Winslow Wheeler’s critique of the planned purchase of the F-35 as a “low credibility rant” sponsored by the “farleft” Rideau Institute (Paul Manson, Don’t lecture us about defence (letter to the editor), Ottawa Citizen, 13 April 2011):

Winslow Wheeler’s piece on Canada’s plan to replace our CF-18 fighters with the F-35 should be seen for what it is: a low-credibility rant by an American visitor from a left-wing Washington organization renowned for its anti-defence posture. His highly questionable arguments for killing the F-35 program echo the thrust of his visit to Ottawa last week, hosted by the farleft Rideau Institute.

Wheeler is Director of the Straus Military Reform Project of the Center for Defense Information in Washington, DC, an organization founded by retired American generals and admirals. His “rant” consisted of three reasoned arguments against proceeding with F-35 procurement at this time.

What a relief that Canadians have General Manson standing by to raise the tone of the debate and bring discussion back to the merits of the issue.

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