Fisher: Get out of Afghanistan

Reporter Matthew Fisher, who describes himself as always having been “among the evolving [Afghanistan] mission’s strongest backers”, calls for Canada to withdraw its forces from that country ahead of schedule (Matthew Fisher, “Now is the time to speed up Canada’s withdrawal from Afghanistan,” Postmedia News, 12 March 2012):

As a second rotation of Canadian trainers, built around a Royal Canadian Regiment battalion from New Brunswick, arrives this week in Afghanistan to begin an eight-month tour, the Harper government and senior military commanders must urgently review the increased risks those Canadians may now face, and weigh them carefully against what Canada’s trainers might still be able to achieve in Afghanistan before their advisory mission ends in March 2014.

In light of recent events, Ottawa should actively consider speeding up the withdrawal of the last Canadian soldiers from Afghanistan.

Other recent calls to get out of Afghanistan from the right-hand end of the political spectrum:

Matt Gurney, “For the sake of NATO and Afghanistan, perhaps it’s time to pull out,” National Post, 12 March 2012:

For the good of both the NATO armies and the people of Afghanistan, perhaps it’s time for NATO to leave.

Margaret Wente, “It’s time to leave,” Globe and Mail, 13 March 2012:

I admire our soldiers in Afghanistan, including all those who’ve served there and the ones who’re there now. They are highly trained, principled and idealistic. It’s not their fault they couldn’t make the country safe for girls to go to school. They were given an impossible job to do. They’ve done it with courage, heart and passion. But enough’s enough. Time to bring them home.

Michael Den Tandt, “Time to get out of Afghanistan,” Postmedia News, 7 February 2012:

Canada should cut short what remains of its Afghan mission and get our troops — all of them — home, now. To argue otherwise in 2012 is to be wilfully blind.

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