Grannies Tackle Conference of Defence Associations' Media Award

The last thing anyone wants to happen to themselves is to become the focus of a demonstration by the indomitable Raging Grannies. On Friday, November 15, the Ottawa Raging Grannies took to the streets at an Ottawa gala event to raise awareness about the links between the military-funded group, the Conference of Defence Associations, and the media.

The event was the CDA’s annual Vimy Dinner, where the defence lobby group, and its arms industry-funded counterpart at the University of Calgary, the Canadian Defence and Foreign Affairs Institute (CDFAI), presented the Ross Munro Media Award to Le Devoir defence reporter, Alec Castonguay. According to reports, the Grannies were out in front of the National War Museum, the location of the Vimy Dinner, with placards in view of all of the arriving guests.

The Raging Grannies issued a press release last week, and it generated a response from the CDA within a few hours. You can read both releases on Ottawa Citizen reporter David Pugliese’s blog, called Defence Watch.

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