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CDA and Matthew Fisher rush to military's defence

Press Freedom Day arrived this week (May 3), and it came just as a storm is brewing about new restrictions that the military is putting on journalists trying to report on the war in Afghanistan. Last week, Canadian Press reporter Murray Brewster wrote a story about security changes at the Kandahar Airfield that are dramatically […]

Grannies Tackle Conference of Defence Associations' Media Award

The last thing anyone wants to happen to themselves is to become the focus of a demonstration by the indomitable Raging Grannies. On Friday, November 15, the Ottawa Raging Grannies took to the streets at an Ottawa gala event to raise awareness about the links between the military-funded group, the Conference of Defence Associations, and the media. […]

Le Devoir reporter pockets $2500 defence lobby prize

This week Le Devoir’s military affairs reporter, Alec Castonguay, was announced as the recipient of the Conference of Defence Associations’ Ross Munro Media Award. Mr. Castonguay will receive the award, including a $2500 cash prize, at a ceremony in November. Why is such a well respected newspaper like Le Devoir willing to permit a reporter accept […]