Help Stop Harper's War Agenda

June 29, 2007

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Dear friend,

Did you know that pro-war lobbyists are forming a new group that is “aimed specifically at countering peace advocates” like us? I read this recently in Now Magazine.

That’s why I founded the Rideau Institute with the support of other dedicated Canadians, including Bruce Campbell and Maude Barlow.

We are going to make our country the world’s best peacekeeper once again.

I count you as a good friend – and I hope I can count on you as a financial supporter of our vital peace work, too.

Will you make a donation of $25, $55, $100, or whatever you can give? When you make your gift, I’d like to send you a limited edition pin to show my thanks.

We founded just four years ago to keep Canada out of the invasion of Iraq. Today our network includes more than 15,000 people working for peace – and 1,300 are also financial supporters.

Together, we’ve become leaders in pushing for Canada’s proper place in the world – as an international peacekeeper, not a war fighter.

Just consider what you and I have accomplished in the last few months:

  • When I appeared before the all-party Commons Defence Committee, angry Conservative MPs shut down the meeting after I warned that thousands of Canadians like you and me are deeply concerned that “Afghanistan could become Canada’s Iraq.”

  • You and thousands of supporters generated a huge national debate and contentious vote in Parliament by encouraging Liberals and NDP members to use their opposition days to push for debates on Afghanistan.

  • members like you and others forced the Harper government to join an international movement of countries seeking a treaty on horrible cluster bombs.

  • You forced Harper to negotiate a tough new prisoner handling agreement with Afghanistan.

But so much more needs to be done.

That’s why I hope you’ll continue to actively support by participating in our actions … and by becoming a financial supporter to help us to work for peace.

Stephen Harper wants to create a new culture of war in Canada. He wants us to join George W. Bush’s global war – and abandon our peacekeeping tradition.

That’s why I’m asking you to support us with a donation of $25, $55, $100, or whatever you can give.

You’ll be helping us grow and reach out to more Canadians to accomplish our goals.

Thank you so much for making a commitment to changing Canadian politics for the better – together, we’ll make Canada an international leader for peace.


P.S. Your support has already helped to make changes. I hope you’ll show your commitment now by giving your first gift to I know you’ll be proud to have joined a growing network of Canadians who want to work for and speak out in support of Canada’s traditional peacekeeping role.

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