Mary Walsh takes on Stephen Harper and Bill C-51

Mary Walsh

Mary Walsh, from This Hour Has 22 Minutes, gives a strong and funny condemnation of Prime Minister Harper’s fear-mongering and Bill C-51.

See the clip here: Connie – Anti-Terror Legislation

Here’s the transcribed text of the segment:

Be afraid, eh… Be very afraid. Not just regular afraid, eh. I can deal with that, eh, that’s kind of normal for me ‘cuz I wake up every morning rendered almost witless by a toxic combination of paranoia, anxiety and fear, eh.

But through carefully measured doses of the biggest kind of pills in combination with just the right amount of maple dip donuts, I pretty well learn to keep a lid on my nameless swirling fear, eh.

Until the Prime Minister started all his panic-pushing, dread-inducing, fear-mongering about the great evil that has descended upon our world! Oh, Stephen, fear-mongering, democracy-destroying, robo-calling, science-suppressing, wife-oppressing, media-muzzling, parole-preventing… [Places paper cut-out of Harper in paper shredder.]

How do you like those cuts, Prime Minister? He’s running amuck, eh. He’s pushing through that legislation, that Bill C-51, the anti-terror legislation, that’s going to take away all our Charter rights and our freedom of speech and create a whole new secret police force, eh.

Answerable to nobody, eh. Oh, we’re not in Kansas anymore, Toto! Oh, no, we’re being force-marched down the yellow-brick road of anti-democratic demagoguery. Oh, yeah, and straight into the Emerald City of total terror! And we’re being led by the tin man guy with the dead eyes, with no heart.

Oh, we’d only be presumin’ Mr. Harper could be human, if he only had a heart. He’s a lot like the cowardly lion too, eh? Remember that time he was cringing in that closet? Oh, Stephen wants to show his prowess, be a lion not a mouse, if he only had the nerve. But don’t look behind the curtain, eh, at that little dead-eyed dunderhead, because he’s back there busily dismantling Canada just like he promised, eh.

Because, because, becaaauuuuse. Oh please, he’s got me terrorized! Somebody stop him! I’ve eaten my own weight in maple dip donuts and nothing, nothing will quell the terror!

Watch the full episode here:  This Hour Has 22 Minutes, Season 22, Episode 18

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