Le Devoir reporter pockets $2500 defence lobby prize

Le Devoir's Alec Castonguay is taking a $2500 prize from the DND-funded Conference of Defence Associations

Le Devoir reporter Alec Castonguay accepted a $2500 award from the DND-funded Conference of Defence Associations

This week Le Devoir’s military affairs reporter, Alec Castonguay, was announced as the recipient of the Conference of Defence Associations’ Ross Munro Media Award. Mr. Castonguay will receive the award, including a $2500 cash prize, at a ceremony in November.

Why is such a well respected newspaper like Le Devoir willing to permit a reporter accept a large cash prize from a lobby group like the Conference of Defence Associations, especially when the CDA received $500,000 over five years from the Department of National Defence through an agreement that requires the group to receive media coverage in return for the funding?

I raised this with Mr. Castongay. He had lots of good reasons why he should take the money. But I still think Le Devoir readers deserve better.

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