MPs endorse a nuclear weapons ban

Thanks to the support and participation of a number of supporters, we are pleased to announce the first signs of success in our Louder Than the Bomb campaign!

Citizens across Canada have been collecting petition signatures, sending online petition letters, and stirring up media attention to get their parliamentarians to support a nuclear weapons ban.

Green Party Leader Elizabeth May was the first MP to publicly endorse the global Parliamentary Appeal for a Nuclear Weapons Ban. This is what she had to say:

It is imperative that Canada support global nuclear disarmament… I believe in global nuclear disarmament and have fought to raise awareness and support for global nuclear disarmament my entire life… I will persist in the fight for a nuclear-free Canada and for global nuclear disarmament.

Our volunteer campaigners in Saint John, New Brunswick, have collected 100 petition signatures and are the first to have delivered them to their MP, Rodney Weston. Good work Saint John!

The team of volunteer campaigners in Ottawa has collected 500 petition signatures in support of a nuclear weapons ban, and over 1,700 Canadians have sent electronic petition letters directly to leading parliamentarians.

Together, we’ve reached many parliamentarians, and they are beginning to publicly endorse a nuclear weapons ban, or to reaffirm their committments to nuclear disarmament.

Over the past week, numerous MPs have endorsed the global Parliamentary Appeal for a Nuclear Weapons Ban. You can read tweets of endorsement and support from MPs Glenn Thibeault (Sudbury), Chris Charlton (Hamilton Mountain), Bruce Hyer (Thunder Bay – Superior North), Jamie Nicholls (Vaudreuil – Soulanges), Manon Perreault (Montcalm), and Francoise Boivin (Gatineau) below:






Check out the Campaign News page for updates on the Louder than the Bomb campaign!

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