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Some terrible news this week – another veteran has taken his own life. On Monday, a retired sergeant with 21 years of service with the Canadian Forces committed suicide after suffering years of PTSD. This is the 9th suicide in recent months. We need to take action – things cannot continue in this way.
Meanwhile, Harper has closed Veterans Affairs offices around the country, leaving countless veterans disappointed and feeling that their needs aren’t being met.
And in January, Julian Fantino, Veterans Affairs Minister, treated a group of old and young veterans, who wanted to meet to talk about the impact of cuts to veterans’ services, with carelessness and disrespect.
When he finally showed up for their meeting, he was unwilling to listen to their concerns, prompting one Second World War veteran to call it “a damn disgrace.”
Let’s send a message to Stephen Harper!
On Monday, March 3rd, the community will take action. We will send letters to Prime Minister Harper and MPs demanding that the government treat wounded veterans with respect and dignity. We will share links on Facebook and Twitter. We will encourage our friends to take action, too.
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