St. Paul conference on nonviolence


Nonviolence: A Weapon of the Strong (Mahatma Gandhi)

Advancing Nonviolence, Spirituality, and Social Transformation

Saint Paul University, Ottawa

May 8-11, 2014

The conference will bring together activists, academics, and popular educators from six countries to present, discuss, and promote nonviolence as a method and discipline for social change, conflict transformation, and reconciliation.

The topic of nonviolence and social change is not widely discussed in Canada. The purpose of this conference is an in-depth consultation and discussion on nonviolence, raising the importance of nonviolence as an area of research and action. From Thursday evening to Sunday noon, with a combination of extraordinary keynote speakers, panel discussions, plenaries, and informal conversations, we will learn from world leaders on nonviolence theories, teachings, and practices with experts from India, South Africa, France, the United States, and Canada. Panelists will explore how nonviolence is connected to gender, ecology, animal rights, education, music, children, healing, and more. Nonviolent efforts in Canada, such as Idle No More and PeaceQuest, will be highlighted.

“If intellect plays a large part on the field of violence, it plays a larger part on the field of nonviolence.” —Mahatma Gandhi

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