Kathleen Walsh wins Leading Women award from the Government of Ontario


Kathleen at Faslane, the UK nuclear submarine base in Scotland

Ceasefire.ca supporter,

Kathleen is so modest, she would never tell you about this herself. But I sure will!

Tomorrow our campaign organizer, Kathleen Walsh, is receiving an important award from the Government of Ontario– and we are super proud of her!

The award is the Leading Women Building Communities Award, and it is given to women who have made a difference in their communities, and who go above and beyond to make the world a better place for everyone.

Kathleen is receiving hers for the volunteer work she does to encourage women to become involved in politics, mentoring youth activists, and of course, her commitment to making Canada a peace leader once again.

Kathleen joined our team when she was still a university student at Carleton, about three years ago. Later she joined our permanent staff and since then, she has become crucial to our effectiveness as peace advocates.

She has done some amazing work: delivered peace letters from Canadian school children to the Prime Minister’s office, represented us at the United Nations, and even held a peace banner outside a nuclear submarine base.

Chances are if you have ever signed a petition, made a donation, or called our office, Kathleen has been involved.

If you wanted to send Kathleen a little note of congratulations, just leave a comment here.

Thanks for all of your support.

In peace,

Steven Staples


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