Sun TV attacks!

Right-wing TV host calls our letter to supporters “despicable”


Sun TV attacks

Click to watch the video on Sun TV

Sun TV, also known as “Fox News North,” has turned its guns on the peace work of and all of its 20,000 supporters – but especially founder Steven Staples.

In a 9-minute rant, sometime nasty – and sometimes comical – Sun TV host and far-right commentator Brian Lilley attacks our latest letter to supporters, and calls it “despicable.”

It’s clear that our campaign to confront Harper’s military-funded pro-war lobby is worrying the corporations and the “old generals.”

It’s no surprise that Lockheed Martin, the maker of the F-35 and billions of dollars’ worth of other weapons sold to the Canadian military, is a major advertiser and supporter of Sun TV.

Watch the Sun TV video, above, for yourself. Then read the letter that Sun TV calls “despicable,” and make a donation to help our defence campaign against these attacks from Sun TV.


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