Survey Tells Us Your Afghanistan Agenda

Nearly 2000 supporters participated in our “Your Afghanistan Agenda” survey and the results are clear: you want to focus our efforts on ending Canada’s war in Afghanistan.
We hear you, and in the next few weeks we will be launching a new campaign to focus renewed public attention on the war. We’ll urge the Harper government to bring Canadian troops home, and support a negotiated end to the conflict.
As well, you told us that you want the government to support the United Nations and peacekeeping. As a supporter of, you know that our contribution of military personnel to UN peacekeeping missions has nearly disappeared, and yet we have thousands of troops fighting a war in Afghanistan with NATO and the United States.
We would like to hear your ideas and comments about our survey results. You can view the results and charts on We encourage you to leave a comment and join the conversation about how we can make Canada a leader for peace, once again:

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