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New U.S. defence strategy to impact Canada?


Earlier this month, President Barack Obama and Defense Secretary Leon Panetta announced a new U.S. defense strategy, shaped in large part by projected Pentagon budget cuts. According to the New York Times (Elisabeth Bumiller & Thom Shanker, “Obama Puts His Stamp on Strategy for a Leaner Military,” New York Times, 5 January 2012), the new […]

Great moments in national security punditry: "Red Dawn" Canada


Columnist Bernie Quigley makes a bold bid for the all-time silly pundit record — an almost insanely ambitious goal while Frank Gaffney still wields a keyboard — with “Russian troops above America’s border: Canada’s ‘Red Dawn’ moment?” (The Hill, 27 December 2011): Until recently, threats to America via the splendid isolation of the Arctic seemed […]

Pardy on Canada-U.S. border deal

Former Canadian diplomat Gar Pardy critiques the Canada-U.S. border deal announced on December 7th (Gar Pardy, “How the U.S. blackmailed Canada,” Ottawa Citizen, 8 December 2011): Prime Minister Stephen Harper and President Barack Obama announced Wednesday a 32-point plan establishing an agenda for improvements to cross-border goods and services traffic. In exchange, Canada will provide […]