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Afghan interpreters allowed into Canada "disappointed"

The government has proclaimed its intent to help Afghan interpreters who worked with the Canadian Forces to come to Canada, but many of those who have already arrived feel “abandoned” and “disappointed”. Reporting for Ipolitics.ca, Murray Brewster and Steve Rennie have found discontent among former interpreters (Murray Brewster and Steve Rennie, Afghan interpreters fear Taliban […]

Victory in Afghanistan!

Prime Minister Stephen Harper has in effect declared victory in Afghanistan, at least as far as the original reason for sending troops to that country goes. His comments were made during a “secret” visit to Afghanistan on Monday (Campbell Clark, “Afghanistan no longer terrorism threat to world, Harper tells troops,” Globe and Mail, 30 May […]

Afghan training mission details

CBC News reports details of the new Canadian training mission in Afghanistan (James Cudmore, “Canada’s Afghan training mission details revealed,” CBC News, 17 May 2011): In a first look at details of the training mission, Col. Peter Dawe, deputy commander of the mission, talked to CBC News about the new effort announced last year as […]