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Experts urge Canadian leadership on nuclear ban

From a meeting in Ottawa last month (“Experts urge Canadian leadership to ban nuclear weapons,” 18 April 2011): The Canadian government should join a new international effort to construct a global legal ban on all nuclear weapons, concluded disarmament experts meeting in Ottawa. “Canada should host a meeting of governments and civil society experts to […]

Canadian lawyers, academics call for nuclear disarmament

Two recent statements organized by the Canadian Network to Abolish Nuclear Weapons: Legal Experts and Lawyers Call for Abolition We… call on the Government of Canada: 1) to find early and prominent opportunities to publicly reaffirm Canada’s commitment to a world without nuclear weapons; 2) to encourage a new NATO Strategic Concept that commits NATO […]

Support treaty banning nuclear weapons: Experts

Prime Minister Harper should actively support new calls for a global treaty to ban all nuclear weapons, experts said today. “The Canadian government needs to step up its efforts to stop the dangerous spread of nuclear weapons” said former Senator Douglas Roche following a two-day conference in Ottawa attended by academics, civil society leaders and […]

Bill Robinson joins us as Ceasefire.ca editor

Ceasefire.ca is very happy to welcome Bill Robinson to our team. Bill has been writing about Canadian defence and security policy issues since 1983. He was on the staff of Project Ploughshares, and has done research and writing for Canadian Network to Abolish Nuclear Weapons, the Polaris Institute, the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives, and the Rideau […]