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New reports of fraud in Afghan elections

Internal reports from Afghanistan’s Independent Election Commission provide new evidence of fraud in Afghanistan’s recent parliamentary elections, including ballot stuffing, intimidation, and turnouts exceeding 100% of eligible voters–with one district in Paktika province recording a 626% voter turnout.  The widespread problems, combined with an increase in violence from last year’s presidential elections, has raised further questions about […]

Prime Minister too powerful: Canadians

According to a recent poll conducted by Nanos Research, 42% of Canadians think the Prime Minister’s Office has too much power  (Campbell Clark, “PMO too powerful, Canadians say,” Globe and Mail, 24 February 2010). Nine percent of Canadians think that the PMO has too little power, while 40% responded that it has the right amount. By comparison, […]

Budget "adjustments" miss obvious defence spending waste

As noted in an earlier post, all three branches of the Canadian Forces (Army, Navy, Air Force) are currently conducting budget “adjustments”, amounting to $190 million, that have to be made by the end of March. As part of this process, the Army is “adjusting” its budget by $80 million, and the Reserves are reportedly […]

Is the West capable of fixing Afghanistan?

   The highly-controversial election in Afghanistan has added to concerns that the international mission in that country is doomed to failure. It is indicative of the fact that, despite the perceived power of the United States, it has been unable to ensure that Afghanistan’s reconstruction is moving in the right direction. Key to any effective democratic […]

Problems during the recent Afghan election

Amid recent reports of widespread fraud during the Afghan elections, the Afghan Research and Evaluation Unit has released a report entitled : Why Afghans voted in 2009. The report outlines many individual, community-based, ethnic and national motivations, as well as numerous key factors that impeded voter participation.  Although there were fears that security problems would prevent the people of […]

Canada Needs a Progressive Coalition Government

There are critical issues that need to be addressed: the war on terrorism including Afghanistan, climate change, free trade, nuclear weapons, and of course, the economy and our livelihoods. If you support a progressive coalition government in Ottawa, then please send your letter to NDP leader Jack Layton and Liberal leader Stéphane Dion.