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Granatstein joins anti-American masses

Canadian Defence and Foreign Affairs Institute commentator Jack Granatstein, normally quick to dismiss any Canadian who criticises the United States or its foreign policy as a knee-jerk “anti-American”, appears to have finally succumbed to that great Canadian reflex himself (J.L. Granatstein, “Our American friends are trouble,” Ottawa Citizen, 9 October 2011): The American people are […]

Granatstein: Don't kill DND grants to academia

Well-known Canadian military historian, commentator, and fan of the Rideau Institute (OK, we made that last bit up) Jack Granatstein is taking issue with the Harper government’s plan to cut Department of National Defence funding for the Security and Defence Forum (SDF), a program that supports academics working in the field of defence and security […]

Experts agree: Peacekeeping is alive!

Four years ago, David Bercuson, Director of the DND-funded Centre for Military and Strategic Studies, declared that UN peacekeeping was dead: As far as UN-led operations,… there just aren’t any left in the world today and you ought to really know that. These old Blue Helmet operations which our army stopped doing back in the […]