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Should Canada extend Libya mission?

Last week the Conservative government let it be known that it intends to extend Canada’s military mission in Libya (Jordan Press, “Critics say future of Libyan mission requires clarity to avoid another Afghanistan,” Postmedia News, 1 June 2011): The federal government indicated Wednesday it will extend Canada’s mission in Libya, following a NATO decision to […]

Victory in Afghanistan!

Prime Minister Stephen Harper has in effect declared victory in Afghanistan, at least as far as the original reason for sending troops to that country goes. His comments were made during a “secret” visit to Afghanistan on Monday (Campbell Clark, “Afghanistan no longer terrorism threat to world, Harper tells troops,” Globe and Mail, 30 May […]

Canada and global peace

Canada has moved up to eighth position on the annual Global Peace Index (“Canada jumps six spots and cracks top 10 in 2011 Global Peace Index,” Canadian Press, 25 May 2011): Canada has cracked the top 10 in a global security assessment that ranks countries based on how peaceful they are. The Global Peace Index […]

Party platforms on peace issues

With the notable and limited exception of the proposed F-35 purchase, the issues of war and peace have been almost entirely absent from the current federal election campaign, even though the country is now involved in two on-going wars. The major parties have all published election platform documents, however, and these policy statements do occasionally […]

Canadian general to lead Libya mission

Canadian Lieutenant-General Charles Bouchard has been tapped to lead the no-fly and arms-embargo elements of the Libya intervention now that NATO has agreed to run those operations (Daniel Leblanc, “Canadian general to take command of NATO mission in Libya,” Globe and Mail, 25 March 2011). However, the Alliance has not yet formally agreed to run […]

Canada sends CF-18s for Libya intervention

The Canadian government has sent six CF-18 fighters to take part in the Libya mission authorized by the UN Security Council on Thursday (Steven Chase, “Canada commits six fighter jets to help enforce Libyan no-fly zone,” Globe and Mail, 17 March 2011): The UN Security Council voted Thursday to impose a no-fly zone over Libya […]