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The right way and wrong way to assert arctic sovereignty

Last Friday, Canadian Defence Minister Peter MacKay went to great lengths to convince members of the media that Canadian fighter pilots had thwarted an incursion on Canadian airspace by Russian bombers on the eve of President Obama’s visit to Ottawa. While the Minister refrained from accusing the Russians, he qualified Canada’s response as a strong […]

Help us get the word out!

December 4, 2007 Help us get the word out! Dear Ceasefire.ca Supporter , Ceasefire.ca plays a crucial role in many campaigns, including preventing Canada from joining George W. Bush’s “Star Wars” missile defence program. This important work could not be done without the help of our supporters. Ceasefire.ca needs your help to sign up new […]

Rock-toting protestors were undercover cops?

We always suspected it was happening, and now we may have proof: behind the face-covering bandanas of those rock-throwing demonstrators are members of the police! In this video taken this week at demonstrations in Montebello, Quebec, during the visit of Bush and Mexican president Calderon, one of the protest organizers realizes that three guys carrying […]

Want your photo on Ceasefire.ca?

Hi there – Did you know that many organizatons use “stock” photos of people – or even sometimes their employees? We want to show photos of REAL Ceasefire.ca people. We are updating the Ceasefire.ca website – especially the donation and sign-up areas – and we’d like to create a montage of photos that shows the […]