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Indian Nukes

It always fascinates me how people can re-write history with 20-20 hindsight. In reply to my blog on Pakistan, one of my most faithful readers suggested that Pakistan’s current instability accounts for India’s nuclear weapons. Sorry, but India’s first nuclear detonation (composed of about 90% of naive Canadian technology exports) took place in 1974, after Pakistan […]

Civil War in Pakistan?

News reports coming from Pakistan are no longer speaking of civil unrest, but of a looming civil war. The causes are complex: ethnic, religious, regional, and economic all melding and overlapping. But the cause doesn’t really matter. The Americans and NATO think life is tough in Iraq and Afghanistan. Now think of a country of 160 million people, armed with nuclear weapons, […]

Terrorists, Freedom Fighters, and the Law

Much though I hate to revisit endless debates, again responses to my post beg the critical question: who is to be deemed a “terrorist”, who gets to decide this, and whose judicial process applies? I hate to drag out the ancient trope that “one man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter”, but no one has addressed this […]

Time to show real leadership

As I hoped it would, my earlier post set the cat among the pigeons. Many who responded heaped scorn upon me and pointed out (quite correctly) that the Liberals began Canadian involvement in Afghanistan, and that the Liberal motion, calling for a delayed withdrawal but meanwhile supporting the military effort, was seriously flawed. Others pointed out (correctly) that the NDP has […]

Ceasefire Insider Top-10 in popularity on WordPress.com

This little blog has been ranked one of the most popular blogs by our provider, WordPress.com. In addition to Ceasefire Insider, WordPress.com hosts 885,014 other blogs. According to the Growing Blogs list on April 10, 2007 Ceasefire Insider ranked as the 9th fastest growing blog in popularity on WordPress.com. Steve

God Bless You, Mr. Vonnegut

So much bad news about the war today, but it is maybe just as important to mark the passing of a great humanist and peace supporter, novelist Kurt Vonnegut Jr. Vonnegut died today at the age of 84, not from smoking his Paul Malls (or cancer sticks as he would call them), but from the […]