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Manson: Stop ranting!!!

Retired General Paul Manson, former Canadian Chief of Defence Staff and (in his stealth mode) former Chairman of Lockheed Martin Canada, has slammed Winslow Wheeler’s critique of the planned purchase of the F-35 as a “low credibility rant” sponsored by the “farleft” Rideau Institute (Paul Manson, Don’t lecture us about defence (letter to the editor), […]

Taylor points to U.S. role in F-35 debate

Esprit de Corps editor and publisher Scott Taylor comments on the silent role of the U.S. government in the F-35 debate (Scott Taylor, “The silent US hand guiding Canada‚Äôs F-35 debate,” Embassy, 9 February 2011, full text here): Although no actual contract has been signed, the Harper Tories remain adamant that they will proceed with […]