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Canadians see climate change as greater threat than terrorism

According to a recent poll, Canadians are much more likely to view climate change as a “critical threat” to Canada’s “vital interests” than international terrorism. Commissioned by the Canadian Defence and Foreign Affairs Institute (CDFAI) and conducted by the Innovative Research Group Inc., the poll found that 49% of Canadians believe climate change to be […]

54% of Canadians Oppose Afghan Mission

The CBC poll released Thursday indicates that nationally 54% of Canadians oppose Canadian military participation in Afghanistan, while only 34% are in support. Opposition for the mission was strongest in Quebec with 73% opposed and support for the mission was highest in Alberta at 42%. This is a significant increase in opposition to Canada’s mission […]

Poll Finds Canadians Want Out

A newly released poll by The Canadian Press and Harris-Decima shows nearly 90 per cent of Canadians want troops out of Afghanistan by the mission’s scheduled end date of 2011, or earlier. 46 per cent of respondents indicated the Canadian Forces should remain in Afghanistan only until the scheduled end date of 2011, while an […]