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Steven Staples debates General Lewis MacKenzie on CTV's Question Period, March 8, 2009

On Sunday, Steven Staples and retired General Lewis MacKenzie were on CTV’s Question Period with Craig Oliver and Jane Taber discussing the NATO mission in Afghanistan. Watch the video clip from Question Period or read the transcript below. Transcript from CTV’s Question Period, March 8, 2009 CRAIG OLIVER: In Afghanistan, the death toll continues, once […]

The right way and wrong way to assert arctic sovereignty

Last Friday, Canadian Defence Minister Peter MacKay went to great lengths to convince members of the media that Canadian fighter pilots had thwarted an incursion on Canadian airspace by Russian bombers on the eve of President Obama’s visit to Ottawa. While the Minister refrained from accusing the Russians, he qualified Canada’s response as a strong […]

Are President Obama's policies at odds with Canadian interests?

A recent article published in Peace Magazine by Brian Adeba, writing for the Rideau Institute, analyzes President Obama’s policies on defence, disarmament, energy and continental trade, and their implications for Canada.  While Canadian peace advocates may be wary of Obama’s focus on Afghanistan delaying the planned withdawal of Canadian troops in 2011, Adeba’s analysis provides numerous examples of how an Obama administration will advance […]