Defence Department report shows Canada’s deep integration with U.S. missile forces


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A newly obtained unclassified report for the Canadian military is setting off alarm bells across the country, among defence experts and throughout our peace network.

This high-level briefing document, commissioned by the Department of National Defence, contains astounding revelations. And the Canadian public has no idea what is happening! It’s unfolding at the highest levels of Canada’s military and political power.

Download the unclassified NORAD report here!

We are learning about unprecedented deepening military integration with the United States.

Our analysis shows Harper trying to access even more military power… in ways that we had scarcely imagined…

We once were a peacekeeping nation…it’s a point of pride for Canadians…but under Stephen Harper we were told we would not recognize this country anymore…Sadly it’s true… Canada is no longer “the peacekeeping nation”…we have become a major war-booster.

Yet, Harper may be preparing to take us into one of the most frightening arsenals ever created: America’s nuclear war-fighting missile forces.

This puts Canada straight on a path toward putting weapons in space and even preparing to fight a nuclear war!

How far must we fall?

No more. That’s why it’s essential we have a strong peace movement in Canada. In a couple of weeks we’re launching a major new campaign to say “No to U.S. Ballistic Missile Defence” and “Yes to Nuclear Weapons Abolition.” We need to build a stronger peace movement, and one step is to send thousands of letters to Ottawa.

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According to this high-level briefing document, Canada is forging dangerous bonds with the U.S. Strategic Command (USSTRATCOM). That’s the Pentagon’s command that controls thousands of nuclear weapons deployed on submarines, long-range bombers, and intercontinental ballistic missiles.

It’s USSTRATCOM, with orders from the U.S. President, that would launch a global nuclear war and destroy all life on Earth…with a “push of the button.” To wield that much power, USSTRATCOM also has command over space warfare and missile defence systems.

For nearly five decades Canada has renounced participation in nuclear warfare…and now, under Harper, we are directly contributing to American nuclear war plans.

“Sapphire,” the Canadian Armed Forces’ recently launched military space tracking satellite, is already operational and feeding data to the USSTRATCOM’s space warfare division, the U.S. Joint Space Operations Centre (JSPOC).

According to the report, Canadian military officers are being pulled ever more closely into the U.S. commands responsible for nuclear weapons, space warfare, and national Ballistic Missile Defence (BMD).

Under Harper, we are now set to become accomplices in planning the greatest crime ever – nuclear war.

“Canada’s deepening linkages and access to U.S. space, USSTRATCOM, and the JSPOC are a product of Canadian space investments and contributions,” the document explains. It then goes on to suggest this approach is “a lesson in considering Canada’s future possible participation in ballistic missile defence…” – setting Canada up for massive and wasteful military expenditures and even more integration with the American war machine.

Now, think about what this report is arguing, and just look at what is happening in Ottawa. The wheels are already in motion.

Harper has ensured support is coming from all his backers. Even the disgraced Canadian Senate published a shockingly shoddy report in June calling for Canada to join and contribute to the U.S. national Ballistic Missile Defence program.

You’ll recall President George W. Bush’s version of Ronald Reagan’s “Star Wars,” and how Bush came to Canada a decade ago to pressure Canada to join his outrageously expensive, malfunctioning, and globally destabilizing weapons system.

We stopped Bush back then. We launched a major organizing, media and lobbying campaign by and the peace movement, along with many friends in Parliament, and we convinced then Prime Minister Paul Martin to say “no” to weapons in space and to reject Ballistic Missile Defence in 2005.

It was a victory for our movement over the pro-U.S. military lobbyists!

But Harper’s a different case. He has disdain for Canada’s past reputation as a respected voice for peace. He has poured tens of millions of dollars into trying to glorify Canada’s military history. His response to international problems is belligerence and a reactionary and counterproductive military response.

So it’s no surprise Harper is refusing to rule out overturning Canada’s long opposition to joining missile defence and deploying weapons in space.

Our military integration with USSTRATCOM, undertaken in stealth, has implicated us deeply in space warfare, and according to the report this “is problematic in Canadian policy, relative to the non-weaponization of space.” In other words Canada’s longstanding opposition to weapons in space is at grave risk.

If Harper goes ahead and joins Ballistic Missile Defence, he will drag Canada much deeper into space warfare, because missile defence “interceptors possess the capability to strike at satellite targets.”

What’s frightening is that Stephen Harper could make the decision to join the U.S. Ballistic Missile Defence program at any moment – without Parliament’s approval. Without the approval of Canadians.

We need to act quickly.

That’s why is launching a new campaign to oppose Ballistic Missile Defence and space warfare.

But we cannot do it without you, and that’s why I am so grateful for all of your support.

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I believe it is not too late to make Canada a peace leader once again. Canadians are on our side, they take pride in our UNpeacekeeping…but unfortunately they have almost no idea what Harper is up to.

Our campaign will be even stronger because we have a new President of the Rideau Institute,’s parent organization. Former Ambassador Peggy Mason has taken over my previous role. I have worked with her for more than ten years, and I know that she will be able to challenge Harper at every turn.

Let’s get the word out about what’s happening, and let’s work together to stop Harper’s war lobby!

And let’s re-commit ourselves to making Canada’s government reflect our values of peace.

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Steven Staples and the Rideau Institute

P.S. Sadly, Canada’s peacekeeping and peacebuilding history has been torn up by Harper and instead he’s pulling us into U.S. nuclear and space weapons warfare schemes. Let’s launch a major campaign to say “No to American National Ballistic Missile Defence,” and say “Yes to Nuclear Weapons Abolition.” Join our Peacekeepers donor club with a small monthly donation of $7, or even chip in $3 each week

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