Jack Layton: Peace Activist

Dear friends,

I am certain that we all feel the loss of Jack Layton deeply. Jack was a friend of the peace movement, and could be counted upon to find an alternative to war and to stand up for Canadian values of co-operation and diplomacy.

And we all know that as a result of his convictions, he was able to stand his ground in the face of nasty personal attacks from the Conservatives and the pro-war lobby.

I met Jack Layton in 2002 a few months after he arrived in Ottawa as the new leader of the NDP. Over the years, he and his MPs took on many issues – and I am convinced that he and his colleagues kept Canada away from the invasion of Iraq, saved Canada from George W. Bush’s missile defence scheme, and eventually, after a terrible cost in dollars and lives, brought about an end to Canada’s fighting in Afghanistan.

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