Let's abolish nuclear weapons, once and for all

Let’s abolish nuclear weapons, once and for all

Dear Ceasefire.ca supporter,

Can there be any greater threat to planet Earth than the 23,000 thermonuclear
bombs currently held by the United States, Russia, and a growing list of other
countries? We must end this nuclear threat for ourselves and the generations to

Please join me in writing to Prime Minister Harper, urging him to work for a
world free of nuclear weapons.

Prime Minister Harper was presented on Friday with a letter signed by over 500
Canadians, all recipients of the Order of Canada, supporting a treaty banning
nuclear weapons. The letter was delivered personally by our friends Canadian
Nobel Laureate John Polanyi, Senator Douglas Roche (ret.) and Canadian Pugwash
Group board member Murray Thomson.

Nobel Laureate John Polanyi and Ceasefire.ca’s Steven Staples, with a painting by Tom Forrestall of the Nobel Peace Medallion awarded to the Pugwash movement in 1995.

Stephen Harper will attend a major summit of world leaders today in Washington,
D.C., hosted by President Barack Obama. Progress is being made to reduce
nuclear dangers, but much too slowly.

Now is the time to act. Let’s lend our support to this unprecedented effort to
abolish nuclear weapons, once and for all.

Thank you for everything you do for peace.

Steven Staples, Ceasefire.ca

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