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Experts urge Canadian leadership on nuclear ban

From a meeting in Ottawa last month (“Experts urge Canadian leadership to ban nuclear weapons,” 18 April 2011): The Canadian government should join a new international effort to construct a global legal ban on all nuclear weapons, concluded disarmament experts meeting in Ottawa. “Canada should host a meeting of governments and civil society experts to […]

505 Order of Canada members call for treaty banning nukes

In an unprecedented development, more than 500 recipients of the prestigious Order of Canada have come together to call on governments around the world, including Canada, to bring about the elimination of nuclear weapons. “This is the first time that so many recipients of the Order of Canada have signed a common declaration,” said Murray […]

Let's abolish nuclear weapons, once and for all

Let’s abolish nuclear weapons, once and for all Dear Ceasefire.ca supporter, Can there be any greater threat to planet Earth than the 23,000 thermonuclear bombs currently held by the United States, Russia, and a growing list of other countries? We must end this nuclear threat for ourselves and the generations to come. Please join me […]