Making Canada a peace leader again

Canada’s name was once synonymous with peace.  But the Harper government has badly damaged our international image. So we have developed a plan to restore Canada’s reputation by making Canada a global peace leader once again.

Step 1. Stop overspending on preparing for war – Instead of overspending on the Department of National Defence, use the savings to improve social programs and the environment.

Step 2. End the war economy – Shift military production to a sustainable and innovative economy that makes the things people need and provides good jobs.

Step 3. Support UN peacekeeping – Contribute more personnel and resources to end wars worldwide.

Step 4. Promote efforts to abolish nuclear weapons – Join other countries to support a global ban on “the bomb.”

Step 5. Help to prevent future conflicts – Support disarmament treaties, human rights, and efforts to curb the arms trade.

Step 6. Restore Canada’s global reputation…and influence – Make Canada a peace leader, once again.

Take a look at’s complete Blueprint for Peace: 6 Simple Steps to Make Canada a Peace Leader, Once Again

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