Rideau Institute affiliated websites

Rideau Institute – a public interest research and advocacy group in Ottawa ( is a project of the Rideau Institute) – human rights campaigns

Abolition 2000 – a global network against nuclear weapons (and power)

Parliament of Canada

Parliament of Canada Official Website

Find your Member of Parliament – Just enter your postal code

List of MPs – A listing of all 308 Members of Parliament, with contact information

List of Cabinet Members – who is responsible for each Federal Department?

Parliamentary Calendar – Find out if Parliament is in session

ParlVu – video and audio webcasts from Parliament, including Parliamentary Committees such as National Defence (NDDN), and Foreign Affairs and International Development (FAAE)


Parliamentary Press Gallery – A listing of all members of the national press Gallery, including telephone numbers

Public Opinion

Government of Canada Public Opinion Research Polls – List of all polls commissioned by the Federal goverment (made public after 6 mos.)

Get informed

Military news stories – Canadian Forces College’s Spotlight on Military News and International Affairs – International media stories on Afghanistan, and casualties tracking

Defence WatchA blog maintained by Ottawa Citizen reporter David Pugliese

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Abolition 2000 – discussion list for this global anti-nuclear network

Peace List – moderated by Project Ploughshares

Globenet – Moderated by the Global Network Against Nuclear Power and Weapons in Space