RETHINK AFGHANISTAN premier in Toronto, Oct 2


‘Movies of Un-Common Knowledge’


October 1 – 4, 2009

The Royal, 608 College Street, Toronto


The inaugural M.U.C.K. Film Festival & Forum (Movies of Un-Common Knowledge) takes place Thursday through Sunday, October 1st – 4th at The Royal, 608 College Street. Aimed at tearing back the veil of mass media misinformation, M.U.C.K. Film Festival & Forum turns the spotlight on individual action and meaningful social change. Films covering the span of human rights, the environment, and political, social, economic and corporate imbalances will be featured. Discussions will follow each screening with the filmmakers, directors, relevant organizations or experts in attendance.

“M.U.C.K. films enlighten, enrage, engage and change us to re-think our point of view of everyday reality…they motivate us to take action”, states Dr. Stuart Samuels, creative director, M.U.C.K. Film Festival & Forum.
Friday, October 2nd

12 noon: RETHINK AFGHANISTAN (81 min., US, dir. Robert Greenwald, 2009)

RETHINK AFGHANISTAN is a skeptical view of America’s war strategies. Greenwald suggests that pursuing a military solution in Afghanistan is not working, won’t work and should be abandoned. His full-length documentary campaign features experts from Afghanistan, the US and Russia, discussing critical issues like military escalation, how escalation will affect Pakistan and the surrounding region, the cost of war, civilian casualties and the rights of Afghan women.


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