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Tory government misplaces Canadian Arctic

In an effort to bolster its claims that Canada needs the F-35 to defend Canadian sovereignty in the North, the Conservative Party is pointing to the recent intercept of two Russian Bear aircraft “over the Arctic” by Canadian CF-18s as evidence of the need for new fighters, claiming that the intercept puts Liberal leader Michael […]

DND wants to skip competition, buy Joint Strike Fighter

Le Devoir reports that the Department of National Defence wants to skip a competition to choose a replacement for the CF-18 Hornet and quickly sign a deal to buy the Lockheed Martin F-35 Joint Strike Fighter (Alec Castonguay, “Avions de chasse: l’armée a fait son choix,” Le Devoir, 7 June 2010). According to the newspaper, […]

CF-18 replacement to cost $9 billion or more

The government is expected to give the go-ahead to a project to replace Canada’s CF-18 fighter-bombers with a new generation of aircraft later this year (David Pugliese, “$9B pricetag likely for Canada’s next-generation fighter aircraft,” CanWest News Service, 29 May 2010). The U.S. F-35 Joint Strike Fighter is considered the aircraft most likely to be […]

Air Force Association pushes CF-18 replacement

The Air Force Association of Canada is pressing the government to proceed as soon as possible on a replacement for the CF-18 fighter, David Pugliese reports. The Next Generation Fighter program, expected to cost as much as $10 billion, is intended to procure about 65 aircraft to replace the CF-18 in the 2018-2023 period: The […]

Harper’s Secret War Plans

Dear Ceasefire.ca supporters, Evidence is mounting that the Harper government is quietly preparing for a major escalation of our combat role in Afghanistan, and this includes hundreds more troops and the possible deployment of Canadian CF-18 fighter bombers. We must act quickly. We are launching a major campaign to prevent this military build-up in Afghanistan, […]

Action Alert: Stop CF-18 warplanes from being deployed to Afghanistan

Action Alert httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E74LIZ-Ps9A Stop CF-18 warplanes from being deployed to Afghanistan Send your letter to Stephen Harper right away. Dear Ceasefire.ca supporter, As you may have heard on the news, up to 100 Afghan civilians are feared dead as a result of U.S. air strikes. Now, I am writing to alert you of a potential […]