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Action Alert: Stop the Attack on Kandahar

Send your letter to Stephen Harper and all party leaders Dear Ceasefire.ca supporters, Your help is needed. Civilians are paying a heavy price in Afghanistan as thousands of U.S. Marines, leading Afghan and Canadian troops, prepare to attack Kandahar and surrounding areas. Please send your letter to Stephen Harper and all party leaders, calling on […]

Survey: 77% say "peace and nuclear disarmament" very important issues for G8/G20 summits

When asked to rate the importance of ten issues, respondents overwhelmingly focused on the environment. “The right to clean water” (91%) and “global warming” (86%) were chosen most often as “very important” topics for leaders to discuss, followed closely by “food security and hunger” (85%) and “global peace and nuclear disarmament” (77%).

Canadians: Humanitarian role or stay home

According to a Leger Marketing poll conducted for the QMI Agency, Canadians are divided on where they would like the Canadian Forces to go after Afghanistan, with many choosing humanitarian missions and 32% saying they should stay in Canada (Laura Payton, “One third of Canadians want troops home after Afghanistan,” Winnipeg Sun, 19 May 2010). […]

Canadians support humanitarian aid/peacekeeping

The earthquake in Haiti this week has created a humanitarian disaster, with hundreds of thousands of people killed or injured and millions requiring assistance. Canada and other countries around the world are scrambling to provide emergency aid. The federal government has already donated $5 million to emergency relief efforts and has promised to match private […]

The Politicization of Humanitarian Aid

One of the most worrying aspects of the current mission in Afghanistan is the increasingly muddied role of humanitarian aid. Traditionally the stated goal of humanitarian NGOs was to remain neutral in conflict zones. The hope in doing this was to allow aid to remain at arm’s length from becoming politicized, ensuring its delivery was […]