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National Post: U.S. troubles darken cloud over F-35

A National Post editorial from the ninth of August raises concerns about Canada’s purchase of the F-35 amid the budgetary crisis playing out in the United States (“Editorial: U.S. Troubles darken cloud over F-35,” National Post, 9 August 2011). Senator John McCain (R-Ariz.), a former naval aviator well known as a defence hawk (and former […]

Pugliese on the F-35 fighter

Recent coverage by reporter David Pugliese on the F-35 and Canada: “Can the F-35 win a charm offensive?” Ottawa Citizen, 13 December 2010 “Peter Mackay in F-35 Attack Mode,” Ottawa Citizen, 13 December 2010 “Selling Canada on the need for fighters,” Ottawa Citizen, 12 December 2010 “The untold story of Canada’s JSF deal,” Ottawa Citizen, […]

Joint Strike Fighter purchase could cost $16 billion

The Globe and Mail is reporting that the estimated full cost of the government’s plan to buy 65 F-35 Joint Strike Fighters is $16 billion (Daniel Leblanc, “Harper bending to U.S. on sole-source fighter purchase, documents reveal,” Globe and Mail, 11 June 2010): Officials at National Defence and Public Works refused Thursday to discuss the […]